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 Laura Hatch, MS.Ed.

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Attention all students interested in becoming members of the Fine Arts Club...
Every year, Somonauk High School sponsors a festival of creativity with the generous contribution of SEB/SEF. This full day event allows individuals to showcase their artistic talents to the community, faculty, staff, and students of Somonauk High School. This years event will occur on Friday, March 24, 2017.

In order to make the festival a continued success, we are need of creative and motivated SHS students to apply for membership into the club. These are the students who will be running the show (not to be confused with the performers for the event who will sign up to audition right around the corner). Our first meeting will be next Wednesday, January 29th in the Art room. See Mr. Underhill for more information.

Any student(s) interested in hosting this year’s Fine Arts Festival should arrange to meet with Mr. Underhill to discuss ideas for the event no later than Friday, January 20th. To qualify for this position, you must be at least a Sophomore in class rank. A host(s) position is not restricted by gender and will be chosen strictly on his/her or their ability and potential to run the show and entertain the public. May the best man... or woman prevail!!!

Future Teacher meeting is January 20th during advisory. IVVC FT’s please make sure you come up when you are back. Articles are in the office.

Baseball, softball, track and girl’s soccer sign ups are in the office.

Attention all those interested in joining dance next year! Somonauk dance will be having two open practices this week. Feel free to stop by and see if it's something you might be interested in for next year. Open practices are Thursday 3:15-4 and Friday 3:15-5. Come see what it's like to be a part of dance, learn some new moves and get to know the current members!

Meet in room 203 for open practice. See Ms. Jensen for any questions.

Attention all volleyball players - open gym on the 19th will be 7-9pm.

Student council meeting will be on Wednesday, Jan. 18th during advisory in the legacy room.

Any student interested in scheduling a class for choir please sign up in Mrs. Koontz’s office. She is taking a survey to see if there is any interest.

Attention seniors! Waubonsee is looking for students to assess the redesign of their website. Please see Mrs. Koontz if you are interested. Students who participate will get a gift card.