James R. Wood School

upcoming events

5/20 4th Grade Field Trip
5/21 2nd Grade Field Trip
3rd Grade Field Trip
4th Grade Park Day
5/22 Field Day
5/26 2nd Grade Park Day
5/27 1st Grade Park Day
5/28 3rd Grade Park Day
5/29 Last Day (11:35 Dismissal)

kindergarten registration 2015-2016

If you missed Kindergarten registration on March 2nd, don't panic!  Please see the information below regarding registration requirements.  

Contact Ashley McNurlan at 815-498-2338 to make an appointment.  

All students must prove residency during the registration process.  If you have an older child in the district, residency has already been established and no additional documents are required.
In order to prove residency parents must provide:

Category A (one document required)
Most recent property tax bill (homeowners)
Mortgage papers (homeowners)
Signed and dated lease (renters)
Letters of residence from landlord in lieu of lease (7.60-AP2,E1)
Letters of residence to be used when the person seeking to enroll a student is living with a District resident (7.60-AP2,E2)

Category B (two documents required)
Drivers' license
Vehicle registration
Voters registration
Most recent utility bill
Current public aid card
Current homeowners/renters insurance policy
Receipt for moving van/truck rental
Mail received at new residences

volunteer information

Interested in volunteering at JRW?  We are always looking for volunteers to help in the classroom, assist in the learning center, organize the annual Read-a-thon, and numerous other ways throughout the school year.  If you would like to volunteer, please review the Volunteer Handbook and complete the required Volunteer Forms.  

Market Day


Market Day orders are due Wednesday, April 21st.  

Internet Orders by 11 pm on Friday, April 24th.

  Pick up Wednesday, April 29th from 3:15-4:30 at JRW.

Market Day is one of the main fundraisers for the Somonauk Education Boosters (SEB).  SEB helps support the educational efforts of the district through mini-grants, educational supplies, fine arts programs, and college scholarships.  Help support SEB by ordering from Market Day.