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James R. Wood Elementary School » Meet Mr. James R. Wood

Meet Mr. James R. Wood

James R. Wood was employed by the Somonauk School District in August 1959 and retired from teaching in June of 1997.
He has been dedicated to our school for over 50 years and enjoyed everything he did here at the school.
1959-1970 High School Teacher and Coach
1970-1997 Grade School Principal
1997-2004 Transportation Director
2005-2012 Substitute Bus Driver
Mr. Wood was born in Augusta, Illinois on September 8, 1933. As a student, Mr. Wood loved school. He never missed a day of school from 6th grade through high school! He liked every subject he took in High School, he had no favorites, just enjoyed it all. He received his Bachelor's Degree in 1959 from Western Illinois University and continued his education receiving his Master's Degree in 1967 from Northern Illinois University. Mr. Wood married his wife Helen on December 10, 1954. They recently celebrated their 50th anniversary. James and Helen had three children together. Their daughter Patsy lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband Jim and they have two daughters, Rachel and Stephanie. Their son Tim lives in Grand Ridge, Illinois with his wife Dawn and their children, Abbey, Casey and Carley. Their son Barney passed away in 1980.

After moving to Somonauk, Mr. Wood also kept himself busy raising sheep, pigs, and cattle to butcher. He also loves raising horses. He has always had an interest in horses and is currently part owner with Jerry and Paul Dudzik of a Standard-bred pacer. She will race at fairs this summer. Her name is Broadway Robin, watch out for her! In his leisure time, you might find Mr. Wood enjoying a John Wayne movie, or watching his favorite sport, baseball! Sorry, all you Cubs fans out there, Mr. Wood is a big St. Louis Cardinals fan!!!
You now know why we decided to name our school after him. James R. Wood is a very special person to us all. What a great job you did! Thank you, Mr. Wood for your many years of service, for being a teacher, a coach, a principal, a bus driver and a friend! We love you! See you around.