Volunteer Forms

Volunteers Needed

If you want to volunteer in the Somonauk School District, please contact the classroom teacher or building principal to discuss how to become a volunteer. Volunteers are required to:
  • Review the Volunteer Handbook.
  • Volunteer Handbook_revised May 2013
  • Complete the Volunteer Information and Waiver of Liability Form. The principal will conduct a sex offender registry check on each applicant.
  • Volunteers Information and Liability Form
  • Sign a Code of Conduct.
  • Code of Conduct for Volunteers
  • Sign a Confidentiality Statement
  • Confidentiality Statement
  • Complete Ethics and Boundary training through Global Compliance Network (GCN).

If you do not have a child enrolled at a school and you wish to volunteer, you will be asked to complete the same information as above. Please contact the school principal for more information.

  • Volunteer Handbook_revised May 2013