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Welcome to the Somonauk Student Services Webpage! We hope that you will find helpful information, resources and support throughout this site. Please reach out to any of the Student Services Staff members with any questions or concerns.

As we enter the 2020-2021 school year, we acknowledge the stress our students and staff will likely experience as we attempt to navigate the ever-changing flow of COVID and its impact on education. During these times, it is important to understand our own stressors, signs of stress/anxiety, and appropriate and helpful ways to cope with these symptoms. As educations, we are servers to our community. We are often the linkage our students and families need to access appropriate resources and support. Now more than ever, teaching our students takes a team, community effort in supporting their needs academically, physically and especially socially and emotionally. As a student services team, we will be ever more increasing our collaboration with teachers and parents to provide our support through the Zoom world of education.


Student Services is providing open office hours to all K-12 students from 1-2pm daily. The zoom meeting ID and password have been shared to the students' email. Please contact a member of Student Services to be sent the link and password for open office hours again.

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