Clubs & Organizations


There is plenty of research out there that supports student involvement during their High School years. Most importantly, being involved means being connected.

Students who are involved in a club/organization/activity/sport should experience many of the following:

1. Increased Grades
2. Increased Attendance
3. Increased Behavior
4. Increased Connections with Adults and Peers
5. Greater Sense of Community
6. Development of Leadership and Teamwork Skills
7. Time Management Skills
8. Commitment to Others
9. Experiences for a Resume
10. Exposure to Diverse Students and Situations

At Somonauk High School, we encourage all students to find an interest or passion that provides a connection to school.

Additionally, if a student is interested in forming a club/activity, please follow these steps:

1. Find an interest
2. Find a group of students who share the same interest
3. Find a school employee to sponsor the club/activity
4. Develop a club/activity description, include meeting dates and times
5. Submit to the Principal for approval

79% of Students at SHS (199 of 252) are Involved in a Club, Organization, or Sport!