Angie Koontz, School Counselor
815-498-2314 x1238

Frequently Asked Question's

What do students see Mrs. Koontz for?
Well, that's a long answer so I'll give you the short version. Students see me for just about anything. From trouble with classes to trouble with friends, parents divorcing, struggles with mental health, conflict resolution with peers, family or even teachers - students see me for anything that is causing them distress and distraction from being successful in high school in addition to the obvious appointments for high school, college and career planning.

Can I make a change to my schedule?
No. Class selection changes needed to be made by the end of last school year. The only exceptions are if you failed a class last year and are no longer eligible to take a course you are now scheduled for. If you would like to change from Lifetime to PE or PE to Lifetime you can do so IF the other course is offered at the same time you are currently scheduled for PE/Lifetime.

Will colleges still use the SAT for admissions and course placement?