Community comes together for SHS student

You are never too young to start making a difference!  This was proven by JRW fourth grade student, Alex Barnes.  Last September, SHS student Addie Moore was in a car accident and was seriously injured.  Alex has been friends with Addie's sister Violet since Kindergarten and was very distraught about the accident.  He knew that the family needed some support with the mounting medical bills.  His first thought was a bake sale to help out.  Alex's Dad convinced him to aim higher.  The pair was connected with Tom Hohmann and the Drive through BBQ was set in motion.  The event took place at Somonauk High School on March 14 and was supported by dozens of volunteers.  The event was hugely successful and raised over $4700 for Addie and her family.  Thanks to Alex for drive and selflessness!