Friday night in the Bobcats' lair, the Somonauk boys basketball team swept the Panthers to earn the title of "Top Cats." Seventh grade started the party, winning 36-9. Eight players scored between 9 and two points including Titus Banister, Kaden G/C, Landon Johnson, Brady Andrews, Dane Lenhardt, Noah Gilbert, and Luke Herlein. Tristan Reed, Owen Haggerty, Caden Hamer Jeremy Rominski and Brandon Dismore opened a big box of catnip by deflecting and stealing passes and hauling in rebounds. Nice work boys. 8th grade started the game like a bunch of hungry bobcats, jumping out to a 15-2 lead after the first quarter-coasting to a 39-33 win. Six players scored-led by Landin Stillwell’s 19 and Jordan Arroyo’s 9. Aiden Wold, Cole Gudmunson, Landon Johnson, and Tanner Daniels rounded out the scoring. Joey Artwohl and Tanner Daniels rebounded, defended and chased cats like nobody's business. Next game is at home tonight against the Huskers 430. Nice work cheer squad-thanks Nolan and Shawn. Big time media shout out to Brandon Dismore for putting together the baller-slide show we played before and during the games-nice work Brandon!
7 days ago, Ashley Morris
There will be a Yearbook meeting today after school until 3:35.
13 days ago, Ashley Morris
Bobcat boys basketball played the Bulldogs at home last night. 7th grade bulldogged the visitors 32-13. Eight Bobcats scored including Tristan Reed, Kaden Geers-Clason, Brady Andrews, Titus Banister, Caden Hamer, Luke Herlien, Alex Barnes, and Brandon Dismore. Noah Gilbert and Jeremy Rominski combined for 21 DSRs 8th grade ran out of time in a hard fought contest 36-37. Jackson Brockway and Landin Stillwell scored double figures and Cole Gudmunson, Alex Hoffman, Aiden Wold, and Jordan Arroyo added points. Tanner Daniels, Kam Madrigal, Drew Thatcher, and Joey Artwhohl contributed hustle and hard work. We are improving every day.
13 days ago, Ashley Morris
Bobcat Boys Basketball played hard Friday night at Indian Creek. 7th grade battled in the first half, but made adjustments too late in a 22-47 loss. Tristan Reed, Kaden Geer-Clason, and Brady Andrews scored six points each while Jeremy Rominski chipped in with four. Noah Gilbert, Caden Hamer, Lucas Herlien, and Alex Barnes hustled and helped. 8th grade got nipped 38-39 in one of their best efforts so far this season. Teamwork, hustle, and grit were the real stars of the game-each of our Bobcats wore that uniform. Cole Gudmunson, Jackson Brockway, Aiden Wold, Landin Stillwell, and Jordan Arroyo all scored as Alex Hoffman had a breakout game with 14.Tanner Daniels, Kameron Madrigal, Drew Thatcher, and Joey Artwohl set up our scorers and gave us toughness. Next game is 4:30 tonight at home against the Bulldogs.
14 days ago, Ashley Morris
SMS appreciates Mrs. Porter!
16 days ago, Ashley Morris
Mrs. Porter
Wednesday night in Millbrook, the Bobcat boys basketball team pulled off the sweep against Newark-1, 2, 3 Woosh! Seventh grade started hot, leading 28-2 after one quarter and kept the temperature dialed up, winning 57-5. Nine players scored points. Brady Andrews, Landon Johnson, and Titus Banister hit double figures while Tristan Reed, Kaden G-C, Noah Gilbert, Dane Lenhardt, Luke Herlien, and Jeremy Rominski cracked the scoring column. Caden Hamer, Alex Barnes, and Brandon Dismore provided intense hustle and a handful of DSRs. Eight grade, on the other hand, started out slow only scoring one point in the first quarter. They figured out that hard work and defensive pressure are their friends in grinding out a 47-27 win. Six players scored with Cole Gudmunson, Landin Stillwell, and Jackson Brockway leading with double figures-Jackson scored all fourteen of his points in the fourth quarter. Alex Hoffman, Aiden Wold, and Jordan Arroyo rounded out the scoring. Tanner Daniels, Kameron Madrigal, Drew Thatcher, and Joey Artwohl contributed DSRs and relentless defense. Thanks to Cheerleaders and managers Destiny, Shawn, and Nolan for your help too. Next game is tomorrow at Indian Creek.
18 days ago, Ashley Morris
Bobcat boys basketball traveled to Big Rock Monday night and came home with a split. 7th grade knocked off the hosts 31-24. Six players scored points: Tristan Reed, Brady Andrews, Dane Lenhardt, O-Hop, and Jeremy Rominski. We were led by Landon Johnson with 10. Kaden Geers- Clason racked up 9 DSRs. Titus Banister, Lucas Herlein, Alex Barnes, and Brandon Dismore added DSRs. Noah Gilbert and Caden Hamer played their positions. 8th grade suffered a slow start falling behind by 12 after the first quarter but playing even the rest of the way in a 34-46 loss. Cole Gudmunson led us in scoring with 11 with Alex Hoffman and Landin Stillwell chipping in 8 each. Jackson Brockway and Jordan Arroyo rounded out the scoring. Tanner Daniels, Aiden Wold, Drew Thatcher, and Joey Artwhol contributed 5 DSRs. Our next game is Wednesday at Newark
20 days ago, Ashley Morris
Bobcat boys basketball chased the Raiders back to Earlville Friday night. 7th grade turned up the defense in the second half for a 34-8 win. Eight players scored points led by Landon Johnson’s 16. Tristan Reed, Kaden Geers-Clason, Brady Andrews, Titus Banister, Dane Lenhardt, Jeremy Rominski, and Alex Barnes all cracked the score column. Noah Gilbert, Caden Hamer, Lucas Herlein, O-Hop, and Brandon Dismore combined for ten DSRs. 8th grade finished the job sending the Raiders home 42-16. Jackson Brockway and Cole Gudmunson combined for 21 points. Landin Stillwell, Jordan Arroyo, Aiden Wold, and Alex Hoffman totaled 21 together. Tanner Daniels, Kameron Madrigal, Drew Thatcher, and Joey Artwhol chipped in with 7 DSRs. Shawn Levick , Destiny Salgado, and Nolan Kerley managed at a high level. Our next game is tonight at HBR
21 days ago, Ashley Morris
Smile Dental Program.....the mobile dentist are coming back to the District on January 19, 2022. Register your student at:
23 days ago, Ashley Morris
Bobcat boys basketball traveled to Lisbon Tuesday night and earned our first sweep of the season with 7th grade winning 42-18 and 8th grade over the Lions 27-19. 7s featured a balanced scorebook with ten players with at least one basket: Tristan Reed, Kaden Geers-Clason, Brady Andrews, Noah Gilbert, Landon Johnson, Titus Banister, Caden Hamer, Jeremy Rominski, Alex Barnes, and Brandon Dismore. Owen Haggerty, Dane Lenhardt, Lucas Herlien, and Owen Hopkins supported our defense with DSRs. We played hard in a tough, small gym. Eighth graders cracked the win column and more importantly, showed intensity and fire, breaking the game open in the third period with better pressure and rotation in the Blue Press. Cole Gudmunson and Jackson Brockway led in scoring with ten each. Aiden Wold and Landin Stillwell rounded out the scoring. Tanner Daniels, Kameron Madrigal , Alex Hoffman, Drew Thatcher, and Joey Artwohl combined for 14 DSRs while Jordan Arroyo amassed a whopping 16 himself. Keep up the good work, Bobcats. Next game is Friday at home against Earlville.
26 days ago, Ashley Morris
Bobcat boys basketball traveled to Serena Monday night. 7th grade was down 21-27 with two minutes to go, but they kept working the blue press and tied the game at 27 to force overtime where the Bobcats dominated, outsourcing the Huskers 13-1 on their way to a 40-28 victory. Six players scored points with Brady Andrews and Landon Johnson leading the way with 13 and 12. DSRs are unavailable for this game, but our defense really stepped up. Our bigs: Tristan Reed, Kaden Geers, O-Hop, Jeremy Rominski, Alex Barnes, and Brandon Dismore closed down the lane in the second half. Our hounds and hawks: Noah Gilbert, Owen Haggerty, Titus Banister, Dane Lenhardt, Lucas Herlien pressured the ball resulting in turnovers and baskets. Caden Hamer brought the hammer down with a big 3 in the fourth quarter during our comeback. Against a tough Serena squad, 8th grade showed a spark at times with hustle and grit. We are starting to pick up our team play and communicating better on court. Cole Gudmunson, Jackson Brockway, Aiden Wold, and Landin Stillwell scored points while Jordan Arroyo and Kameron Madrigal recorded DSRs. We will continue to work hard and up our intensity. Our next game is in Lisbon tonight. Our first home game is Friday against Earlville.
27 days ago, Ashley Morris
Friday night boys basketball at Leland: 7th grade used aggressive defense and a balanced offensive attack to pummel the Panthers 54-5. Twelve Bobcats scored points, led by Tristan Reed with 14, Kaden Geers-Classon. and Landon Johnson scored six, and Brady Andrews, Dane Lenhardt, Caden Hamer, Lucas Herlein, and Alex Barnes chipped in four each while Owen Haggerty, Owen Hopkins, Jeremy Rominski, and Brandon Dismore all made a basket. Noah Gilbert had one DSR (deflection/steal/rebound), Titus Banister recorded two. Shawn Levick was very busy as our statistician and Destiny Salgado kept score next to Hall of famer-Rick Hechathorn. 8th graders came up short in a nailbiter 34-38. Cole Gudmunson scored 17, Jackson Brockway 11, and Landin Stillwell 6. Kameron Madrigal, Alex Hoffman, Jordan Johnson booked 3 DSRs. Aiden Wold, Tanner Daniels, Drew Thatcher, and Joey Artwohl had 2 DSRs. Nolan Kerley was best dressed in the building. I am proud of how we fought the entire game. Thanks to Destiny and Shawn for their help with numbers. Cheer team was loud and proud-thank you!
28 days ago, Ashley Morris
The Book is at SMS today through Friday! You can also shop online here:
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Somonauk Community Unit School District #432 would like to honor our United States Veterans during the week of Veterans Day, November 8-12, 2021. For the safety of our students, staff, and community we have decided not to host our annual school assembly again this year. We value this event with the highest regard and we look forward to hosting this event in the coming years. As a district, we would still like to acknowledge our local veterans who selflessly served our country. Please help us pay tribute to them in a virtual ceremony by sending a digital photo or two, possibly “then” and “now”, of a veteran that you know, as well as branch served, time period, and any special recognition (i.e., Lt. John Patrick, Army, 1965-1969, Bronze Star) Somonauk School District values the service of our Veterans, we look forward to honoring them and their families. Please send the pictures to by November 1, 2021, in order to be included in the presentation.
about 1 month ago, Elizabeth Ness
Congratulations to 8th grader Madison Malcik for being selected to participate in the ILMEA District 8 festival in Junior Band (Alto Saxophone) and Junior Jazz Band (Alto Saxophone.) We are proud of you Madison!
about 1 month ago, Ashley Morris
Madison malcik
Get in on the fall fun Friday, October 22 at Somonauk's first Fall Fest and Drive-In Movie! The Somonauk Student Council and FFA are putting on a Fall Fest for our community. The fest will be held outside of Somonauk Middle School at 5:30pm. Festivities include hayrides, face painting, FFA pumpkin sales, Costume Competition, Pumpkin Painting Competition, Woody's Apple Orchard Refreshments, Live Somonauk Studio Band, prizes, and more! First showing, Hotel Transylvania, begins at 7pm, and second showing, A Quiet Place, is to follow. Entrance is free! Join us for a scarily good time!
about 2 months ago, Elizabeth Ness
Congratulations to the Bobcat Soccer team on their 3rd place finish in the Jr 10 tournament shutting out Indian Creek 3-0. Goals were scored by Alex Hoffman, Kadyn Haage and Cole Gudmunson with assists from Patrick Short and Cole Gudmunson. Congratulations again on your conference championship and a great season. To all 8th graders good luck in your next level of play and to the 7th graders we will see you in the fall.
about 2 months ago, Ashley Morris
Lunch menu change for tomorrow. Instead of nachos it will be burrito.
about 2 months ago, Ashley Morris
Come cheer on your Bobcat soccer team tonight as they take on Indian Creek at home in the third place game, and their final game of the year! They will end their season as co-conference champions with a regular season record of 14-2.
about 2 months ago, Ashley Morris
On Friday the 8th grade volleyball season came to an end. The girls fought hard against Newark but came up short in two games. Throughout the season the girls improved greatly and should be proud of how much they have learned. Please wash your uniforms and listen for an announcement on when to turn them into the coaches.
about 2 months ago, Ashley Morris